Belper TV expert wants to create a new generation of on-screen stars

James Postlethwaite from
James Postlethwaite from

A former television director from Belper is hoping to use his new London-based talent business nurture a new generation of stars onto our screens.

James Postlethwaite started in London last month and has already secured his small roster of clients prestigious work on some of the UK’s top television shows.

James Postlethwaite from NeedATVExpert.Com.

James Postlethwaite from NeedATVExpert.Com.

Like the eponymous star of the hit 1996 movie, Jerry Maguire, he wants his agency to provide a personal touch, working hard for a relatively small number of clients and taking pride in their successes.

He said: “Television has been a major passion of mine since I was very young - I always knew that it was where I wanted to be heading.

“As a director I have worked on shows like Popstar to Opera Star, The Graham Norton Show and Coronation Street and I have shadowed some of the best directors in the industry.

“But when I was working in Los Angeles recently I started spending more and more of my time commissioning talent so it made sense to move in that direction.

“I love helping new people into the industry and my experience behind the camera really helps me understand what producers are looking for when you are pitching clients to them.”

James says things are ‘going well’ so far with his clients being featured on programmes such as The One Show and This Morning.

Chief among them is the world’s leading body language expert, Darren Stanton - the ‘human lie detector’.

“It is a fantastic thing to be doing,” says James.

“I have always loved working with talent and every time the phone goes it is a new opportunity for one of our clients.

“We’re not going to be taking on lots and lots of clients - just working hard with the ones we have.”

“We are a very small agency at the moment but the personal touch is really important to the way I want to run the business.”

James says he left Belper towards the end of last year - first moving to Derby and then on to London where he set up his business.

Of his home town, he says all his family still live there and that he ‘loves’ popping back from the hustle and bustle of London to the more ‘relaxing and chilled’ surroundings of the picturesque Amber Valley town whenever he gets the chance.

Belper’s very own Jerry Maguire...

As well as winning Oscars and grossing millions of dollars, the iconic 1996 film, Jerry Maguire, starring Tom Cruise, changed the way that people perceived the world of agents.

“There are some agencies like CAA and United which still represent hundreds of clients, but at we prefer a more personal touch,” says James.

He says he is disappointed that more producers don’t take a gamble on the prodigious talent that lies just beneath the surface, but is confident that his small group of ‘up and coming’ stars can go some way to remedying that.

His current talent roster includes the aforementioned body-language expert, Darren Stanton, stuntman and martial artist, Riky Ash, and Deal or No Deal presenter, Marina Berry.

He also has Strictly star, Nikki Dean, environmentalist Natalie Fee and TV detective Jane Antrobus.