Belper woman celebrates £300,000 National Lottery Scratchcard Win

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A retired barmaid from Belper is celebrating after scratching her way to a £300,000 National Lottery win.

Carolyn Brewell, 64, explained how she scooped the prize: “I occasionally buy Scratchcards and thought I’d have a go with a Cashword. I bought one from Morrisons and won £5 so I reinvested the winnings into another one and couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw what was in front of me.”

“I was shaking but got home and tried to phone my son Barry to check if I was not seeing things. But I then decided to ring The National Lottery telephone number on the back of the Scratchcard. The lady confirmed the win and I just sat there in shock. I then picked up the phone and called Barry and asked him if he was sitting down. He couldn’t believe it. I then called my daughter Louise to tell her the news and she thought I was pulling her leg.”

But there was no celebration that afternoon for Carolyn because she had far more important things to do…play in the sandpit whilst babysitting her granddaughter Hollie. She kept the winning Cashword Scratchcard in her handbag until The National Lottery Winners’ Advisor visited her to pay her the winnings. She said: “To think I was walking around with £300,000 in my handbag is amazing and days later I am still in shock.”

Carolyn is going to buy a house with her winnings, have a holiday with her family and is considering buying a car. She is retired after working previously as a barmaid.

She regularly plays The National Lottery and occasionally buys various Scratchcards. The winning Cashword scratchcard was bought in Morrisons, Chapel Street, Belper.

National Lottery Scratchcards create an incredible 539,759 winners every day. There is a 1 in 3.78 overall chance of winning a prize on the Cashword Scratchcard. The card costs £3 and prizes vary from £3 to the top prize of £300,000.