Bingo gran says thanks to villagers who helped her

NRHNBE120306j2, Laura Dykes 89 from swanwick.
NRHNBE120306j2, Laura Dykes 89 from swanwick.

A GRANDMOTHER has issued a heartfelt thank-you to a group of mystery good samaritans who helped her following a fall.

Sprightly 89-year-old Laura Dykes was walking home with two other older friends after a game of bingo in the village, when she caught her toe on the corner of a kerb and tripped.

The fall, at around 9pm on a cold Friday night in February, left her severely cut and bruised and in desperate need of hospital treatment.

But thanks to a small group of villagers who lived nearby and dialled 999 on her behalf - widow Laura was taken to hospital.

“All these people came to help, there was quite a few young men there.

“They took their coats off and kept me warm and helped prop me up where I was on the pavement there.

“Nearly all of them called for the ambulance. They kept calling because it was nearly an hour and 20 minutes before it came.”

Laura, who is also awaiting an operation to remove cataracts, said a crowd of people stayed with her while she waited for an ambulance on the corner of Pentrich Road and New Street on Friday, February 24.

Although she was with her two friends, they would have struggled to help her alone and needed residents, she said.

A paramedic attended the scene within minutes to clean up Laura’s wounds. The former care home worker then had to wait more than an hour for an ambulance to arrive to take her to hospital.

Luckily she had not broken any bones, but she said the experience would have been far more traumatic had the mystery good samaritans not helped her out. She did not know exactly were they came from, but passed on her sincere thanks to the helpers this week.

“As an 89-year-old, the experience of waiting over an hour for the ambulance to arrive was quite disturbing.” She said. “However the comforting words, hot water bottles and jackets provided by complete strangers were most comforting. Such gestures should give us all hope for society in general.”

Mother-of-three Laura, who is from Ripley, was not released from Royal Derby Hospital until around 5am the following morning. She required stitches to her hand and face, but is now recovering well.

If you were one of the good samaritans that helped, then get in touch online or at