Breakfast all in a pie

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A FARM shop near Duffield has launched a new way to enjoy breakfast — in a pie.

Croots Farm Shop is celebrating this week’s Farmhouse Breakfast Week by selling a new Breakfast Pie, which is packed full with early-morning favourites bacon, egg, sausage, beans and mushrooms and topped with sliced potatoes.

The pastry-based pie, which has been created and cooked by the team at Croots, is on sale now for £2.75.

Steve Croot, who runs the farm shop on Wirksworth Road, said: “Last year we unveiled a Croots breakfast banger to mark the occasion, but this year we’ve gone one step further and designed a special pie which is the complete cooked breakfast. It’s absolutely delicious.”

Farmhouse Breakfast Week aims to highlight the variety of breakfast ingredients in the UK and raise awareness of eating a healthy breakfast.