Belper shoppers welcome new Aldi store plans

Aldi announce plans for a new food store in Belper
Aldi announce plans for a new food store in Belper

Following the announcement that budget chain Aldi has submitted plans for a new store off Chapel Street in Belper, people in the town seem very keen on the proposed development.

The store, which could create up to 40 new jobs, would be adjacent to the current B&M Home Store, just opposite Morrisons supermarket.

The company has delivered thousands of newsletters to homes and businesses in a bid to gain support for the proposals.

And when the Belper News spoke to people in the area about the proposals, the verdict was a big thumbs-up.

Lorraine Holmes, of Oakhurst Close, said: “I would definitely shop there because it’s really good value and I don’t think there are too many supermarkets already.”

And Margaret Beardsley, of Whitemoor Lane, said: “I shop there anyway, but at the moment I have to go to the one in Derby.

“It is just good value on lots of things such as meat.”

Stewart Black, of Villas Road in Ambergate, who was at the B&M store shopping with his wife, said: “People say they are really good value so if they build one we would definitely have a look in.”

And Anne Sutton and Janet Julian, both from outside the area, said: “We go there because the produce is really good and you know you are getting British.

“It is really good value and we think it is a really good place to shop.”

Even people who might be expected to be hostile to the plans, such as those working for rival retailers, spoke positively about the move.

Leanne Warman, who lives on Nottingham Road and works at the B&M Homes Store next door to where the new Aldi would be built, said: “I think it will be amazing for the area and I think rather than take trade away from B&M it will complement it.

“People will just go in one and then the other.”

And Glenn Whale, manager of the B&M store, added: “I think it is really good for the town to have a bit more choice for people.

“Discount stores like us and Aldi are really taking on the big stores now which are just too expensive for people.

“I don’t think they are a threat to us, I think they will complement us.”