Blocked drain creates ice hazard on steep hill

VILLAGERS in Kilburn say a repeatedly blocked drain is creating a serious driving hazard in the icy conditions.

The drain on the steep Rykneild Road, next to the junction of Rowan Drive, is often overflowing, say nearby residents and this week left a dangerous trail of ice on the steep road - before the snow.

Rykneild Road resident Geoffrey Lane, 68, says if February’s cold snap continues a serious accident could happen.

He said: “It seems like this is a recurring problem. It has overflowed a few times now.

There’s been a couple of cars that have come down here sideways - the ice seems to be right on the brow of the hill.”

Geoffrey said the drain blocks almost every time there is a heavy rain.

He continued: “When it gets really bad, it’s like a river running down here on the side of the road.

“There have been no accidents yet, but there will be because people come down here a bit faster than 30mph sometimes – and if some other driver were to be stopped in the road because of the ice they would go straight into the back of them.”

On Saturday night Geoffrey said he spotted a driver in a Volkswagen Golf slamming his brakes on when he noticed the patch of ice on Rykneild Road.

Emma Smith, 30, of Rowan Avenue, said this is the first time she has seen the flooded drain water ice over like it had.

She said: “We have been here three years and the drain is always flooding. I can see why drivers are concerned.”

Severn Trent Water, which owns the drain visited the site early on Wednesday morning to place signs warning drivers of ice. The same day workers from the company unblocked the drain.

It is the second time in six weeks Severn Trent has been called, but a company says a permanent solution to the problem is unlikely. It says the blockages are being caused by waste items being thrown into the sewer networks - such as nappies and types of cooking oil. Widening the drain would have little effect against these items causing it to block, it said.