Dan’s venture funds degree

Belper student Daniel Booth as set up a new online busisness.
Belper student Daniel Booth as set up a new online busisness.

An enterprising student from Belper who set-up his own catalogue business to fund his way through university now employs more than 20 people.

Dan Booth, aged 21, started-up his own Kleeneze franchise from home to finance his Business Degree at Sheffield Hallam University.

The company now turns over more than £10,000 a month and its success has led to him being rewarded with an all expenses paid trip to Miami by Kleeneze in November.

Dan said: “In the last year we have seen explosive business growth.

“It just shows there are income opportunities in Belper and we are still actively recruiting people. “

Dan has also appeared on BBC One’s breakfast show to share his story with viewers as part of a feature about how more than half of secondary schools are now teaching pupils money management, partly to help them cope with the financial pressure of university.

He continued: “I have taken on the loans and tuition fees and they all total up to about £20,000 over the three years.

“It’s a heavy weight on your shoulders but it’s something where everybody is in the same boat.

“It’s totally different to anything you have done before. When you’re at school, everyone tells you ‘get good grades, go to uni, but nobody tells you about the financial side – setting up rent and utility bills.”

Kleeneze said there had been a dramatic increase in the number of students seeking part-time employment to help fund their university studies.

In the past 12 months, Kleeneze has seen more than a fourfold increase in the number of distributors recruited in the 18 to 20-year-old age bracket.

More than 1,000 distributors in this age bracket joined across its 12,500-strong UK-wide network.

Jamie Stewart, managing director of Kleeneze, said: “Uncertain economic times and an increase in tuition fees has left many students unable to afford the cost of university – no longer are they able to rely solely on the ‘bank of mum and dad’ and student loans to fund their studies.

“For many, a part time job is a great way of offsetting some of the increased cost of tuition fees. To see such a dramatic increase in the number of distributors of university age shows just how much of an impact the increase in tuition fees is having.”

Previously Dan spent £2,000 taking over and developing a website, www.builditbears.co.uk, selling children’s gift and party ideas to help fund his university education. He set-up that venture because he feared he would not be able to secure a job when he graduates.