Upset for couple hit by home lead theft

A BELPER couple say they feel nervous in their own home after lead was stolen from a roof while they were there.

Trevor Birks, 63, and his wife Marilyn, 59, were the victims of theft at their home on Holbrook Road.

Police said that at some point between 6pm last Wednesday, February 1, and 9am on Thursday, February 2, a piece of lead measuring 6ft by 3ft was taken from a shared bay window.

A dismayed Trevor said: “We never heard anything. Our neighbour said she heard something at about 10.30pm but couldn’t see anything outside.

“Then when we got up in the morning we discovered what had happened. It has made us feel very insecure.

“We were in our own house and people were outside taking lead off the roof at the same time.

“It has made me and my wife feel very nervous in our own home.

“We could not settle at all that night after because we were worried.”

Trevor believes it will cost at least £400 to replace the stolen lead.

Anyone with any information should call police on the non-emergency number, 101.