Busy times for local MP

BELPER’S MP Pauline Latham has been busy during the past weeks.

Mid Derbyshire Tory MP Ms Latham has put her support behind government proposals to make unemployed criminal offenders work a minimum of 28 hours over four days, then spend the fifth searching for a job every week. She said: “People want to see offenders punished for their crimes as well as giving back to the community.”

She has also as part of a cross-party 60-strong group of MPs, announced the formation of a Parliamentary Inquiry into Online Child Protection in an effort to better understand and come up with solutions to the problems stemming from children using the internet.

She has also praised the work of Save the Children in East Africa for their campaign that has so far raised £4.6m and encouraged applications to the ‘Hearing Unheard Voices Campaign Awards’ which looks to highlight and reward young people who have through hard work and enthusiasm spoken out to bring real change in the UK.