Bwelper Drop Inn: Youngsters have put their all into summer events

Andrea Fox at the Drop Inn Centre in Belper
Andrea Fox at the Drop Inn Centre in Belper

Since the beginning of June, The Drop Inn has had an extremely busy few weeks - what with the Drop Inn Freefall Festival, Jacks Café, a reunion/farewell to old members event, a full music project in Kirk Hallam, Larks in the Park, the well dressings, and the music stages for the food festival. 
In between all this we had our day students in, and an Ofsted observation which I am pleased to say, after much stress, we got all good for our alternative training programmes. 
All this in just six weeks. It doesn’t get quieter just yet, Jack’s second café on Sunday, July 27, and the quirky ‘liquid tape mix’ at the George and Dragon on August 16. 
So things have been chaotic and fantastic with young people getting many opportunities and taking responsibilities – for us its great to be able to offer these opportunities through community events as well as our own happenings. 
Young people have been designing, painting, publicising, promoting, stage building, cleaning, and lugging equipment around, all of which is behind the scenes and generally goes un-noticed by most. Others have been rehearsing and performing, running stages at events – oh! and not to forget making and serving coffee, cakes, and paninis! I especially want to give Jack’s Café a plug – his first music café event at the Drop Inn was a huge success, he has planned another on Sunday, July 27 from 12pm - 3pm. Now, Jack is 16, with a dream and determination – his coffee, paninis and cakes are excellent too! 
Anyone is welcome to his events to chill and listen to the wonderful acoustic music. 
As always the young people are at the heart of everything we do and we are extremely proud of them. 
I have been given many positive comments from members of the public about these young people and I have accepted thanks on their behalf.
 So on behalf of all the team at the Drop Inn along with other members of the community - A massive thank you and well done to all the students, musicians, cleaners, designers, café hosts, sound technicians, promoters, the guys who lift everything, supporters, and all the young people who have been involved in this busy time. 
You are all a pleasure to work with and we look forward to more fun and work with you all.