Call to house German OAPs on town visit

A FORMER Holbrook woman who now teaches English in Germany wants her students to experience a taste of Belper life.

Consequently, Lindsay Ladig, nee Harris, is searching for families, individuals or couples to put up some of her students at their homes in the town.

She explained: “Having been born and brought up in Holbrook, I moved to the Stuttgart area of Germany after leaving school.

“One of my learner groups comprises very enthusiastic and active senior citizens – some of whom would love to get to know the area I grew up in.

“Their English is not perfect, but they are very willing and eager.

“To give them the chance to speak plenty of English, I’d ideally like to find some hosts in the Belper area who would be willing to put them up, individually, for five or six nights.

“We are planning to visit in late May or mid-June.

“The host should provide bed and breakfast and some friendly chit-chat at breakfast and in the evening. During the day, I’ll show the group some of the local sights.”

Hosts will receive payment, relating to the facilities they provide. If you can help, contact Lindsay on