Charity bag con is exposed by vigilantBelper resident

Police are warning kind-hearted homeowners about bogus charity bag collections after suspicious incidents in the Amber Valley area.

The alert comes after a resident in Belper checked the charity reference number on a leaflet which had been put through their letterbox on Tuesday, May 21.

The number turned out to be false and the resident reported the incident to trading standards.

A resident in the Swanwick area received the same leaflet a week before and had contacted the council to report the same suspectedcon.

Inspector Graham Lamin, who is in charge of policing in the Amber Valley said: “The collection of clothing for charitable purposes is a legitimate activity undertaken by a number of well recognised and professionally managed companies acting as commercial partners to registered charities.

“The last thing we want to do is to put anyone off donating to genuine charities, however if a bag or leaflet is put through your door there are certain checks you can do to make sure it is legitimate.”

Residents are advised to, if possible, take unwanted clothing directly to a charity shop or to look for the ‘Give with Confidence’ Fundraising Standards Board logo.

Every legitimate charity will have a registered charity number on the bag or leaflet, along with a landline telephone number, postal address and information about other ways you can donate.

If you are in doubt, call the Clothes Aid helpline on 08450 722 780 and/or check with your local authority that the bags have been licensed.

You can also check the legitimacy of a charity by entering its registration number on the Charity Commission website: