Charity Sight Support Derbyshire issues appeals for volunteers to take out donation boxes to raise vital funds

Sight Support Derbyshire
Sight Support Derbyshire

Sight Support Derbyshire is looking for volunteers to go out and collect with its donation boxes.

Charity Sight Support Derbyshire is looking for volunteers to back its work, spreading donation boxes across Derbyshir.

The group (SSD) offers two types of donation boxes; the first is a small cardboard ‘Member’s box‘, for members to take and for family and friends to place any spare change in. The second type is the more familiar hard-plastic boxes, which you may have come across before, as they are spread throughout Derbyshire.

These donation boxes can be found in pubs, newsagents, café’s, corner shops and any number of high street stores, collecting money to go towards aiding the visually impaired in Derbyshire.

SSD is reliant on community donations and is calling for new volunteers is to help extend its network across the county so it can help more visually impaired individuals, says Eileen Bagguley, the charity’s fundraising and communications manager.

she said: “All of this can be achieved with your help – never underestimate the work of one individual.We’re always happy to welcome new volunteers to the organization but are especially keen on acquiring some new volunteers who are happy to take out and collect in these donation boxes.

“We have 280 donation sites across Derbyshire and are hoping to add 30 more too, these sites are circulated from every two weeks (in the most popular places) to every few months with an average income of £5,600 per rotation to go towards changing the lives of so many people in the county.

“Due to lack of funding, SSD is primarily donation dependant and this is why we need your help; please help our ever-expanding membership of 3,500 visually impaired people that we strive to help to the best of our abilities, everyday.

“Maybe you want to help transport the donations? Maybe you’re happy to host one of our donation boxes? If so, please get in contact with our fundraising department – 01332 287027 (Sight Support Derbyshire, Fundraising Office) or fundraising@sightsupportderbyshire.org.uk