Club begins to re-build with family fun day

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A social club which was rocked by a barbaric murder has started re-building its links with the community.

Kilburn Social Welfare Club was the scene of the tragic murder of Barry Smith on October 6 last year.

Following the killing the club was closed to allow police investigations to take their course.

Now, Dave Painter, who took over as the new steward of the club four weeks ago, has completed a major refurbishment of the interior and has staged a fun day as the first event to try and attract people back in.

Mr Painter, 34, said: “After the incident everyone knew what had happened and people stayed away. The younger people in the village were scared to come through the doors.

“However, it’s been tidied up. The incident has been dealt with in court and we want to move on. We are a local community with a lot of things going for it and the social club is one of the best things around.

“We have changed around the inside massively. There has been a major overhaul and we have now started to notice a turnaround and people are flowing back in gradually.”

Around 300 people are thought to have attended the fun day at the club on Saturday, June 28, featuring everything from five-a-side football to a dog show and barbecue.

Mr Painter continued: “It was successful and we will be holding another next year. It was so nice to get the community round.

“The police popped round and everyone was enjoying themselves.

“I would like to say a big thank you to everyone who has supported us so far.

“One event which was particularly fun to watch was two teams trying to be the first to smash up a piano and post it piece by piece through a toilet seat.

“We will be holding another fun event on August 9 with Angels Animal Rescue from 10am until late and it would be great to see many more people come along to that.”

Last month, Vincent Aitken, 44, was told he must serve a minimum of 22 years and 118 days for killing Mr Smith.

Nathan Doherty was sentenced to a minimum of 18 years 118 days and Emma Aitken, 19, will serve a minimum of 12 years for carrying out the killing of 48-year-old Mr Smith, whose body was discovered outside Kilburn Welfare Social Club, Chapel Street, by local dog walkers.

The trio were found guilty following a trial at Leicester Crown Court.

Aitken’s wifePamela Aitken, 40, was found not guilty of assisting an offender.