Colourful mural lights up children’s centre

Coxs at the mural
Coxs at the mural
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MINERS, stretch limousines and whales all appear on a ten-metre long mural at Belper Children’s Centre.

The fascinating mural includes a host of images and details, done by more than 100 children and 20 adults, of things above and below the ground and also from under the sea.

It was put up at the Children’s Centre, in Alder Road, by workers from Belper-based Fleet Arts, who organised and ran the project, and was officially unveiled by town Mayor Cllr Alan Cox on Monday, December 12.

Cllr Cox was representing Belper Town Council, which, alongside the children’s centre itself, provided funding for the mural.

The mural was the final part in a refurbishment of the centre’s outside play area.

The artwork, which includes a large castle, rabbits in their burrows, birds on telegraph wires, boats, turtles, fishes and reefs.

All the ideas for it came from children.

The work on the mural was also done by the children, along with other participants.

Rhian Barlow, one of the four Fleet Arts workers who helped with the mural, was delighted with how it turned out.

She said: “There’s more detail than I can mention.

“The children certainly had some great ideas.

“From the tiny children in the centre’s Crafty Crew who drew caves and treasure, to members of Umbrella’s Aiming High group, which meets at the centre, who did rocks and reefs under the sea.

“Included among my other favourite bits are detailed drawings of miners in a mine, complete with headlamps.

“There’s a cellar with a scooter in it under one of the houses!

“We keep ‘rediscovering’ more!”

Sarah Laman, also of Fleet Arts, was equally pleased.

She said: “Everyone worked on each other’s drawings and ideas, so it is a truly collaborative effort.

“A small team of older children outlined the drawings with the workers and then it was all finished off with layers of varnish.

“It was a joint idea with the children’s centre, but we couldn’t have done it without the support of Belper Town Council.”