COLUMN: Help for Drop Inn comes from many sources

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By Andrea Fox

Drop Inn Founder

Its great how things come to us to inspire us, whether its something an individual says or does to help another person or improve a community, something we see, or something we read about, an action no matter how small that will have a positive effect on the life of another human being. These things are all around us all the time – it depends on whether we notice them or take them in, but it is constant reminder that there are a lot of good people out there compared to the negative minority. Many times it can be a smile and a friendly greeting when we are feeling low, to me there have been countless times my faith and inspiration have been renewed by someone else’s words, actions or work. During the lifetime of the Drop Inn we have faced many ‘obstacles’ and things some would term ‘disasters’, each time help and inspiration has come from different sources and each time it has renewed our faith and determination to carry on with our work for young people of Belper, we have come out stronger from each ‘fight’. Things are going from strength to strength in all areas of the centre and with this the support also grows. After my last article in the Belper News about our alternative education programme I received an anonymous letter from what appears to be an older person who originally came from Belper (they state they used to go to the Assembly Rooms on Derwent Street which was opposite the present Drop Inn site). The letter brought my attention to something someone said and believed some years ago; Alastair Morton who was responsible for the completion of the Channel Tunnel said “Things don’t just happen because you say they’ve got to happen, but because you ensure they happen.” I have to admit I had to look this story up to find all the facts (thankfully the letter writer had stated dates and news articles). The letter writer suggested it would be a good quote to put on the wall at the Drop Inn for our young people to see. I would like to thank the person for sending this inspirational quote and for their interest in the Drop Inn. We have done as suggested and printed the quote, it adds to our daily positive messages which are changed and used for the student and youth members benefit. Other favourite examples include “you are who you choose to be” and “your actions, your choice, your life”. The young people very often comment on the messages, it starts good communication and discussions especially around lack of self esteem or the need to make life changes. It is up to us all as individuals to encourage and inspire other people – especially young people.