COLUMN: New ‘wild’ ideas to raise cash for Belper youth centre

NBENBE120111c1, Belper news new years honours 2012. Andrea Fox, drop inn centre Belper
NBENBE120111c1, Belper news new years honours 2012. Andrea Fox, drop inn centre Belper

Andrea Fox

Drop Inn Founder

As a registered charity our biggest challenge is getting funding for core running costs – rent, heat, light and insurances, this totals around £17,000 per year, but without the building we would not be able to do what we do.

Grant making agencies seldom fund these costs – they prefer capital costs for example equipment and projects.

With project funding they usually want a new and innovative project, they do not fund existing or repeated work.

This always puzzles me as why re-invent the wheel, why not secure what is successful? Some charity organisations don’t bother with small funds or donations as they think its not worth it. They only think big, but to us it is everything, every pound matters – it keeps us going. If we can achieve all we do on very little money, imagine what we could do if we had secure large funding.

We are creative with an excellent team of volunteers which make full use of every opportunity and every penny.

Over the 14 years of running, our success with young people has brought support from many areas of the community, from individual donations to group donations – without which we would not be in existence now.

We have also continually organised our own fundraising activities – many planned and organised by the young people themselves but especially by young people now in their 20’s who have been supported by the Drop Inn in the past – they want to give something back and ensure support is always available for the younger people of today and the future.

Fundraising activities have included auctions, millionaire’s night, sponsored walks, swims and litter picks, raffles, barbecues and coffee mornings, even Sunday lunches at one point to mention but a few.

Some more unusual activities include the ‘Bondathon’ where 12 young people watched every James Bond film back to back over a weekend (21 films at that point) raising over £700 – the winner who watched most complete films won tickets to see the latest Bond film!

We were so cruel we made them run round the car park in between the films to keep them fit! There was the sky dive where seven members jumped out of a plane at 27,000feet raising over £700.

A weekend games tournament using a selection of old and new games consoles.

Numerous themed events with local bands and DJs either in our centre or other venues which average £1,500 per event.

Our latest wild venture is a 160’ bungee jump on June 21 which includes entertainment on our premises for all ages, many brave (or mad) people are doing the sponsored jump for us but more are always welcome – this event has been organised by past members and supporters of the Drop Inn – everyone is welcome and if anyone would like to jump please contact us.

For all the donations we have received over the years small and large, we thank you all very much – you help us to help young people, and believe me – they are worth it.