COLUMN: Town’s food bank searches for a new base

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By Gareth Greenwood

Hope for Belper

Hope for Belper has been initiating and facilitating community projects since late 2007, but what is and or who are Hope for Belper? Simply put it is a vehicle for local church congregations under a single brand to engage more in their community.

Nearly seven years on from its humble beginnings, ‘Hope for Belper’ is now an established partnership of 10 churches alongside schools, the town council and local police. Around 50 volunteers are regularly involved in delivering the two main projects, ‘The Basic Idea’ food-bank and ‘Street Angels’, but over the years we have come together to bless our town in many different ways; Dreamscheme youth projects, Hot Chocolate at the town council carol services and more. 
Over 40 projects and events have been made possible by the local church working together as one enterprise in partnership with others in the town, Most recently you may have seen the Hope banner at the very excellent Belper Goes Green eco-festival.

We were there because part of the mission of the church is the safeguarding, sustaining and renewing of this planet of ours. We got lots of folks from across the church congregations to grow seedlings which we then invited children to repot, water and take home to nurture the growth.

It was lots of fun and very messy (I’m pretty sure mums and dads were delighted for their little ones to get their hands in compost!) Over the years we have been encouraged by how the town has seen a more active church. Last December, you donated hundreds of food items for ‘The Basic Idea’ food-bank, and since 2009 approximately 30,000 items have been donated Thank you all.

Over this time we have moved premises no less than four times and we are on the move again!

I would like to finish by giving you all an opportunity to partner once again with Hope for Belper. We are seeking a new place to run the food-bank from – broadly our needs are:- A Belper location; A minimum of 500 square feet; Ground floor with easy access by car; Secure and dry with the ability to have multiple key holders; Peppercorn rent (we have some grant money towards running costs) So if you know anyone who would like to help us continue to be Hope for Belper in this very practical way then get in touch with us at ‘’ – Thanks again!