Companies needed to help sponsor Strutts race night event

Businesses are being urged to come forward to help sponsor the Strutts race night.

The annual event, which raises funds for the Derby Road community centre features eight races, each of which is named after a local firm.

A spokesman for the events committee said: “Calling local businesses or anyone who fancies seeing their name up there. Each race has a name and a sponsor so you could be looking at the Anna Mae Wong Stakes or the Cleaning Chimneys Ltd Steeplechase.

“To have your business in everyone’s programme as a race name - and you get to choose the name too - costs just £25. E-mail Anne on to sign up.

“If you’re into the big time you or your company could sponsor the whole race meeting with your business details splashed across all the publicity, the website and the programmes.”

Sponsors are also needed for each of the horses running in the races.

The spokesman continued: “Ever fancied owning a race horse? Well now’s your chance.

“There are eight runners and eight races and all the horses are up for grabs at £2 - not £2 million - a go.

“You can name your horse what you like and it will be printed in the programme. And if your horse wins the race you get a prize as the owner.”

Doors open at 7pm for the event on March 9, with entry costing £6.

Bets are strictly limited to 50p and admission includes a pea and pie supper at the interval.

Call 01773 599993 to reserve your place.