Compost bins team hits road in Derbyshire

DERBYSHIRE County Council’s waste management team has hit the road to explain the benefits of composting at home.

A spokesman said: “It’s that time of year when many of us are tidying up our gardens. So why not make your own compost and give your garden a boost?

“It’s a great way of getting rid of uncooked kitchen scraps and cuttings and clippings from the garden. And by putting less rubbish in your dustbin, you’re helping to reduce landfill, which means you’re doing the environment a huge favour too.”

People wanting to find out more, says the authority can see celebrity chef Brian Turner composting while he cooks at

The county council is offering compost bins and kitchen caddies supplied by Evengreener at a discount price.

Caddies cost £5.25 and compost bins cost from as little as £15. There is a £5.49 delivery charge per order.

Visit or call 0844 571 4444 for more information.

Figures show more than a third of the contents of your bin can probably be composted. The contents of your vacuum cleaner, tea bags, coffee grounds, shredded paper, cardboard, eggshells and even wool and natural fibres can all be composted.