‘Concerns remain’ over Derbyshire badger culling

Badger cull campaigners have been dealt a fresh blow.
Badger cull campaigners have been dealt a fresh blow.

Officers from Belper-based Derbyshire Wildlife Trust have been vaccinating more badgers setts around the county against TB.

A spokesman for the trust said it was unable to disclose when the team would immunise Belper badgers to avoid disturbance in the area they plan to vaccinate. However, officers are planning extensive rounds of vaccinations over the next four years.

Around 80 per cent of badgers around Edale have now been vaccinated after the trust had worked with volunteers from the Derbyshire Badger Groups, the National Farmers’ Union, the National Trust and a local farmer. It comes as there were culls ordered by the Government in Somerset and Gloucestershire in a bid to stop the threatened spread of TB to livestock.

There have been three rounds of vaccinations previously in Derbyshire. Tim Birch, conservation manager for the East Mill charity, said: “While the Government has no plans to extend culling this year, we remain concerned Derbyshire may be selected for future programmes. We know bovine TB has devastating consequences.”