Controversial seat to return

A SEAT which has caused some debate in Horsley Woodhouse is to be re-instated.

There has been controversy overwhether the damaged seat on a grass verge in Fairfield Road should be reinstated after some residents said it has attracted youths.

Horsley Woodhouse Parish Council said it had received comments on the seat, some were concerned while others were in favour of having it.

After taking advice from the police, the council decided to reinstate the seat. It is due to be back by the end of the month.

The parish council meeting also heard that metal fencing removed by vandals at the Horeston Recreation Ground in the village had been repaired and strengthened.

Hedges here and at the village’s other recreation ground Sitwell Meadows had also been pruned. Also at Sitwell, slabs under the seat had been replaced and a quotation obtained for painting the swings.