Council boils over Potato Head vandalism

Mr Potato Head has been damaged on the hat, arms and hands - visible cracks shown here under his arm pit.
Mr Potato Head has been damaged on the hat, arms and hands - visible cracks shown here under his arm pit.

Belper Town Council says the vandals of the town’s infamous Mr Potato Head statue can sweat as police track the heartless criminals that may have kicked him over this week.

Days after a plan to hoist Mr Potato head onto an out-of-the-way vantage point fell through, Police have confirmed the vandalism of the poor Toy Story icon continues.

After a suspected ‘tipping over’, damage was caused to the lovable, yet controversial, spud’s arms and hat.

The damage was discovered on Wednesday, September 2 and police are searching for the vandals.

Fears emerged that Mr Potato Head’s days could be up after it was reported that the Town Council could no longer afford to keep repairing him - putting the future of the quirky statue ‘in doubt’.

But now Belper Town Council leader John Nelson tells us all fans rest assured he’s not going anywhere.

He added: “That’s not what was said. He is repairable at no great expense, so we will be having him repaired.

“Basically we think they’ve kicked him over, that’s what happened.

“We’ve reported it to Police, fortunately there is a CCTV camera right opposite so with a bit of luck they will lead us to the culprits. They’ll be sweating now.”

Quite a controversial figure, Mr Potato head raised eyebrows when he first arrived in Belper in 2001, branded a ‘monstrosity’ before his tenure at the American Adventure theme park and a long absence since then.

Cllr Nelson added: “He’s just a bit of fun, he’s unique to Belper, there’s nobody else in England Scotland or Ireland with a Mr potato head. I’ve only had one person comment against him, everybody else thinks he’s great.”

Derbyshire Police confirmed: “Sometime over the weekend the original Mr Potato head statue was pushed over, causing damage to his hat, arms and hands.

“We can’t pinpoint exactly when it was damaged.

“We are looking into CCTV footage at the bus station.”