Council has axed 56 staff since election

The number of employees at Amber Valley Borough Council has fallen by 16.2 per cent since the General Election in 2010.

The drop – which represents 56 employees being axed – places the authority at 26th out of 45 East Midlands authorities for the most job cuts.

In comparison, Derbyshire Dales has shed 21 staff and High Peak has made 45 redundant.

The analysis of official data was conducted by GMB, the union for public service workers.

Andy Worth, regional secretary for Derbyshire, said: “The terrible extent of the cuts that the Tory/Liberal government has imposed on local authorities is plain to see in these new statistics.

“These are the people who provide local services so cuts are a disaster for local communities and for those workers who have lost their jobs. Council budgets are still being cut this trend in falling employment numbers is likely to continue into 2014.

“Not a single council worker ever contributed anything to the financial crisis that they are being made to pay the price for. Neither did any of the elderly, needy or vulnerable local citizens that rely on ever diminishing council services.”

Among those to have been made redundant is Peter Carney, chief executive of the council who was axed in December.