Council lobbying over light signals

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Campaigners are lobbying Derbyshire County Council to lengthen the traffic sequencing at a busy town junction after a vehicle collided with a pedestrian.

Now residents are demanding that the traffic setting on southbound lights at the junction between Strutt Street and New Road be lengthened by 8-10 seconds.

Campaigner Peter Makin and Derbyshire county councillor David Taylor, for Alport and Derwent, have contacted the council to ask for a site visit and asked local MP Pauline Latham for her assistance.

Peter Makin said: “Our MP has now received a reply from DCC stating that a site visit has taken place and monitoring of the situation will continue.

“However, Coun David Taylor and I will continue to lobby for a change to the signalling system which would prevent the elderly and visually impaired pedestrians from walking out into danger.”

Councillor Gary Spendlove, Mayor of Belper, said: “I remain very concerned about the current situation and there are probably other incidents that have taken place but not been reported.”