Council replaces two mobile libraries with state-of-art vehicles

Two of the counties oldest mobile libraries have been replaced.

Derbyshire County County’s newly designed vehicles have easy access for people with disabilities and parents with buggies.

The county council’s director of cultural and community services, Martin Molloy, said: “The two vehicles we’re replacing were 12 years old and had reached the end of their working life. They were getting too expensive to maintain so we decided to invest to save by leasing new vehicles that will save us money in the long run as well as providing a better service.”

The new vehicles are among eight that each carry around 2,500 books, plus books on CD and tape. The two larger mobiles – which are 37ft long – hold up to 3,500 books plus DVDs.

The new libraries will cover Alfreton and Woodville, with the smaller mobiles serving the areas around towns including Belper, The two larger vehicles are based at Ambergate and cover areas such as Kilburn, while the smaller ones visit schools, community centres and customers who have mobility problems.

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