Council’s vow to beat fly-tippers

Belper Morrisons fly-tipping
Belper Morrisons fly-tipping

frustrated Amber Valley Borough Council is waging war on fly-tipping after rubbish was dumped at a recycling site in Belper.

Items were illegally left at the Bring Bank site behind the Morrisons superstore at some point before Monday, May 23.

Now, the council is investigating the offence and would like to hear from anyone who witnessed the rubbish being dumped or anyone who knows where it came from.

A spokesman said it was likely to have happened over the weekend of May 21 and 22.

Last month a Belper resident told the News that the Bring Bank site was regularly overflowing with recycling.

The council admitted that some of the recycling left at the site was taken to landfill, but, by leaving items next to recycling bins instead of in them, people were effectively fly-tipping.

Now, the council is set to get tough on those leaving rubbish at the site that cannot be recycled.

Cllr Jack Brown, cabinet member for cleaner, greener, safer issues, said: “This example is typical of the issues we face at many of our recycling centres, which often presents difficulties for our contractors and the teams that have to clear up the mess left outside of the Bring Bank sites.

“We remain committed to encouraging recycling and hope that by highlighting this issue we can encourage those who abuse the facilities to use them more responsibly and not deter the conscientious residents who continue to do their best to recycle on a regular basis.

“Not only was this an offence, but also not all the materials dumped could be recycled and some of the items were destined for landfill.

“Our message to people and businesses is that fly-tipping is an offence, no matter where materials are dumped.”

A spokesman for the council said: “This offence made it difficult for other residents to use the recycling facilities.

“Anyone caught fly-tipping can be issued with a fixed-penalty-notice of £80 or, if prosecuted, they can be fined a maximum of £50,000.”

Last month, the council urged residents to continue recycling and to persevere with putting items in the Bring Bank bins, even if they appear to be full.

The council is looking for additional sites for recycling bins.