Council urges postal voters to update their details

Amber Valley Borough Council will soon be sending forms to 3,500 postal voters asking them to update their signature if they want to vote again in the same way.

Anyone who has a postal, proxy or postal proxy vote that is five years old or more will need to update their signatures if they want to vote by post or by proxy again.

Signatures that are over five years old have to be updated every five years to prevent fraudulent practices relating to postal voting.

New forms will be sent to households at the end of January and voters need to return them in a prepaid envelope as soon as possible.

The Council’s Electoral Registration Officer John Grady said: “Anyone who votes by post or proxy needs to look out for this form on their doormat. It’s imperative they fill it in and sign it so they can vote in the same way again at the next election. We’ll send out reminders but we’d rather get returns after the first one as it will cost the taxpayer more to process. If the council doesn’t receive signed forms by 13 March 2013, anyone with an existing absent voter status will have to be cancelled and they will have to vote in person at their polling station.”