Couple witness how 40 years of donating helps

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A Belper couple have finally been able to visit the children helped by a charity which they have supported for nearly 40 years.

David and Meg Walton starting sponsoring a young boy living in India because of their own experiences of living and teaching in the country through Action Aid in 1975.

Since then they have gone on to sponsor other children and helped fund a number of projects through the charity.

Now, they have been able to see how their donations have helped after being invited to visit a school in Ho Chi Minh City for children from in which they helped fund.

“It’s easy to forget the reality of people’s lives in other parts of the world,” David said. “We’re glad we had the opportunity to visit and see just how much the work means to local people.”

According to Action Aid, Vietnam - a country that was once torn apart by war - has developed so quickly in recent years it has left people behind.

The charity uses local and international staff to bridge that gap, helping people out of poverty to become high achievers.

In Ho Chi Minh, ActionAid had assisted students with uniforms, books and access to meals.

Many of the older students study for half the day and work the second half to help their fa­milies.

Without projects such as these many children would be at risk of economic and social exploitation and wouldn’t have a chance at a good education.

David continued: “There were 60 youngsters, who played sport, sang, danced, read, wrote and learned that there was more to life than grinding poverty.”

“There is no mistaking the sound of happy children- whether in Ho Chi Minh City or a Derbyshire village.”

Donating to projects or sponsoring a child and their community with ActionAid can cost as little as 50p per day. To sponsor a child or to find out more call 01460 23 8000 or log onto