Crackdown targets underage drinkers

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A crackdown on underage drinking in Duffield has seen special constables seize alcohol from 13 teenagers.

The officers have taken 20 bottles and cans away from young people after ramping-up patrols and checks from Halloween.

First time offenders have had a letter sent to their parents, while those who are caught a second time are getting a letter hand delivered before the officer speaks to parents and the young person. Any under 18s found with alcohol on three or more occasions in a twelve month period are prosecuted.

The initiative involved special constables Simon Wardman, Andrew Rose and Sharni Hall as well as Amber Valley Borough Council and Derbyshire County Council staff.

Inspector Rich Smith, who is in charge of policing in the Amber Valley area, said: “The B Safe patrols allow officers to positively engage with and help to prevent young people from getting involved with anti-social behaviour. In Duffield, these Special Constables seized 24 containers of alcohol from 13 underage drinkers. They also advised the youngsters on how to have fun with their friends in a safe and legal manner, and warned about the consequences of their actions.

“During the last month anti-social behaviour across the Amber Valley reduced by more than 17 per cent compared to the previous year and we are very grateful to the special constables for their continued commitment and work.”

During October 2012 police in Amber Valley received 462 calls to report anti-social behaviour, 97 fewer than in October 2011.