Cyclist campaigns against ‘road rage’

A Pinxton cyclist who was injured after an alleged ‘road rage’ incident has mounted an internet campaign.

Mark Canning, 41, is pleading for information after he says he was ‘crashed into’ by a Range Rover while pedalling through Whatstandwell on August 11.

The father-of-two was left with grazes on his legs and a broken hand.

He also lost a knuckle and damaged his chest after being struck by a driver who failed to stop, he has said.

Now, Mr Canning has launched a Facebook campaign - with more than 11,000 people sharing his plea in a bid to identify his alleged attacker.

Derbyshire Police have also confirmed they are investigating and made their own appeal for information.

Mr Canning claimed: “The driver took objection to me shaking my head at him in his mirror after he pulled out in front of me, just before Whatstandwell bridge, causing me to break heavily to avoid hitting him.

“After twice getting out of the car to run at me across the road he decided to use the vehicle to hit me rather than his fists,” he alleges.

“The car didn’t stop and the police want to talk to the driver as would I.

“I have suffered multiple road rash, bruised shoulder and sternum and a broken hand, as well as £400 of damage to my bike.

A Derbyshire police spokesman said: “We have followed this up and would like to speak to the man concerned.” Call police on 101.