Disqualified motorist caught on the M1 just before his ban would have been lifted

The M1 motorway
The M1 motorway

A banned motorist who thought he was safe to get back behind the wheel was caught by police driving on the M1 motorway while he was still disqualified.

Chesterfield magistrates’ court heard on October 16 how Kizzito Nwagboso, 30, was caught in September at Barlborough and he had recently been sent a new licence from the DVLA but it was not due to become operational until October 24.

Prosecuting solicitor Robert Carr said: “Police received reports on September 30 during the afternoon of a vehicle being driven on the M1 motorway and it was described as weaving across the road.

“And there were concerns the driver might be drunk so police control located the car and directed it into Woodall Service station.

“An officer spoke to the defendant who identified himself and handed in a driver’s licence and he passed a roadside breath test but records showed he was disqualified until October 23.”

The defendant, of Holmden Avenue, Wigston, Leicestershire, told police he had been sent a new licence from the DVLA which was shown to the police but it was not due to become valid until October 24.

Nwagboso pleaded guilty to driving while disqualified and without insurance after the incident on September 30 on the M1 northbound carriageway at Barlborough.

Defence solicitor Rajesh Sood said: “On receiving the licence he immediately - without looking at it - went out and insured the vehicle thinking he had his licence back and he thought he could drive.

“But he was negligent because he had not checked the date it was valid from.”

The court heard that without a valid licence any insurance was invalidated.

Magistrates fined Nwagboso £221 and ordered him to pay a £32 victim surcharge and £85 costs.

His driving licence was endorsed with six points.