Drug user calls police for advice on how long he should wait to drive after ‘like, smoking a spliff’

Photo for illustrative purposes from Pixabay.
Photo for illustrative purposes from Pixabay.

Derbyshire Police were left flabbergasted after a drug user called up to ask how long he should wait to get back behind the wheel after ‘like, smoking a spliff’.

Derbyshire Police Contact Centre released the transcript of the ‘unbelievable’ exchange on Twitter.

It reads: “I’ve passed my driving test today and I’m not gonna lie, I smoke cannabis, like, in my spare time and I’m worried about how long I have to leave it until I can actually get in the car.

“Like, if I smoke weed at night, can I drive to work in the morning, or if I smoked a spliff an hour ago, can I get in the car in an hour?

“Like, I don’t know how to judge it.”

Contact centre staff said: “Maybe just don’t take illegal drugs?

“Oh, and don’t call us from your home phone to tell us stuff like this, because now we know who you are.”

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