Drugs swoop in town centre

A POLICE dog sniffed out 
amphetamine on a 
Somercotes man during a 
police swoop on drug 

Officers carried out a special operation in Ripley town centre using drugs dogs on the night of March 31.

Kevin Miles was in Crib bar, Church Street, when he attracted the attention of a dog. He had a wrap which tests revealed was a mixture of amphetamine and caffeine.

Becky Mahon, prosecuting, told magistrates at Chesterfield Miles was agitiated when stoppee by police. She said: “He said he bought it for £5 from someone in Crib bar. He refused to accept it was amphetamine. He said it looked nice and he thought it was ‘for energy’.”

Miles, 38, of Pennytown Court, admitted possessing amphetamine and was fined £51, with £121 costs. The drug will be destroyed.

He told the court: “I didn’t believe it was amphetamine. I’ve only been in trouble with the police once before. I feel like everyone is telling me I’ve done a really, really bad thing.

“I wasn’t agitated. - that’s just me as a person. I suffer from anxiety and I’ve got schizophrenia.”

Miles, who receives incapacity benefit, claimed police had treated him badly.