Jealous teen broke a bank’s window

A BELPER bank had to close for a day for security reasons after a jealous teenager smashed a window in a fit of rage.

Police heard the sound of breaking glass in King Street at 1am on December 3 and people near the NatWest branch pointed out boozy Adam Pickering as the culprit.

A female officer ran across and stopped Pickering, who was bleeding heavily from a wound to his wrist.

He told her: “I did it. I need anger management and I’m sorry,” magistrates in Chesterfield heard.

Pickering, 19, said he had lost his temper after seeing his ex-girlfriend with another man.

Bank manager Christopher Howe told police the window of a side office containing a safe had been broken and the premises were too insecure for the branch to open the following day.

“They lost custom as a result. Staff had to be sent to the Ripley branch to work,” said prosecutor Helen Griffiths.

Pickering was arrested and said he had been drinking in Hacketts bar from 4pm until closing time. He didn’t think he was particularly drunk but, when he saw a man with his arm around his ex-girlfriend, he felt jealous and angry.

Pickering, of Pinewood Road, Belper, admitted damaging property. The justices fined him £182, with £85 costs.

His solicitor, Liz Anderton, said the incident had left him with a large scar. She added: “He had a close relationship with his ex-girlfriend some months earlier. He saw her and it upset him. He went the opposite way to avoid them and took out his anger on the window.”

The court heard a close friend of Pickering had committed suicide six months earlier, which had affected his mental health. It was said he was waiting for some form of counselling.