Man removed tag after row over childcare

A vandal who removed a curfew tag in a squabble over a baby must spend an extra dozen nights at his Horsley Woodhouse home.

Adam Mitchell, 25, told magistrates he had “a silly argument” with his partner when they were suffering from “tiredness and stress” while caring for their youngster.

After being convicted of criminal damage, magistrates had ordered him to obey a curfew between 7pm and 7am nightly for six months.

Now because of the breach, they have extended it by 12 nights.

On March 2, Mitchell of Fairfield Road removed his electronic tag and spent the night at his mother’s home, he told a court on Thursday.

Presiding magistrate, Keith Robinson, told him:”What you did was a silly thing, we acknowledge that.

“You made a decision and departed from the rules of the curfew.

“Any argument, ring up your Mum and get her advice. Don’t take the tag off,” he added at Southern Derbyshire Magistrates Court.

Miss Tanya Hagart, prosecuting, told Southern Derbyshire Magistrates the curfew was due to last until July 14.

But around 6.55pm on March 2, Mitchell removed the electronic tag which allows security firm G4S to check his location.

“He contacted the control centre and said he had an argument with his partner and was leaving the address for the night.

“Officers visited to investigate the tamper.

“Mr Mitchell was not present at the address and the officer was unable to refit the tag,” Miss Hagart added.

The tag was put back on Mitchell’s ankle the following day.