Man threatened to slit his wife ‘like a fish’

A DUFFIELD man grabbed a knife following a row and threatened to slit his wife “like a fish”, a court heard.

Justin and Alison Hodges – married for 15 years – were having financial problems and she was the main bread-winner.

Magistrates at Chesterfield were told that a row blew up in the family home on January 28 after he had been drinking heavily.

He grabbed her neck, pushed her backwards onto a staircase, grabbed her face and “pushed her around like a rag doll”, said Sarah Haslam, prosecuting.

Mrs Hodges ran into a bedroom and held the door closed. But he threatened to fetch a knife and slit her throat.

She heard him rummaging in a kitchen drawer and he returned and tried to force open the bedroom door.

Hodges, 38, then told her he had cut off his finger.

She called police and he threatened: “When I am out of hospital I’m going to cut you like a fish”, added Mrs Haslam.

He was arrested and later told police he had been drinking before the incident and he could not recall assaulting his wife or picking up a knife and threatening her.

But he accepted she would not have invented the allegations.

Hodges, currently staying at an address in Main Street, Awsworth, near Ilkeston, admitted charges of assault and threats to kill.

Sentence was adjourned until Wednesday, March 7 for Probation Service reports.

Hodges was granted bail on condition he did not go to the marital home in Meadow Vale, Duffield.

“He recognises he has a serious drink problem,” said Phil Bloore, mitigating for Hodges.

“There was a sudden outburst and an incident on the stairs before she locked herself in the bedroom.

“There was always the door between them and she didn’t see the knife.

“He went to the kitchen drawer and cut two tendons in his finger.

“Police arrived and saw him in a semi-conscious state.”

Mr Bloore added: “She has withdrawn the complaint and doesn’t want to be involved in any proceedings.”