Police reminders after shed thefts

Police in Belper are looking to halt an increase in thefts from household sheds by reminding residents of ways they can make their properties more secure.

The past week has seen a rise in the number of incidents, but this has been an issue in Belper for several months now, leading the Safer Neighbourhood Teams to try and raise awareness of the relatively simple steps which could make it much harder for thieves.

PCSOs have been posting leaflets through doors in the area in the hope that the warnings and advice will make a difference.

PCSO Karen Viles said: “After the recent increase Safer Neighbourhood Teams are being tasked with jobs like this to try and raise awareness. People need to make sure they lock their sheds and perhaps put an extra lock on any expensive power tools. “

The teams stress that residents do not need to be alarmed, just aware and taking the necessary and often quite simple steps to avoid problelms.

They suggest using a padlock on the shed door, investing in a shed alarm or marking equipment with special pens that are available from Belper Police Station.