Police seize assets of £1.3m from criminals

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Derbyshire Police have stripped more than £1.3 million from criminals during the last year under the Proceeds of Crime Act.

Between 1 April, 2012 and the end of March 2013, more than £25,000 per week in cash and other assets was removed from offenders.

The Proceeds of Crime Act gives police and other investigating agencies the power to take criminals to court to recover the wealth people have made by committing crime such as drug dealing or selling stolen property.

Detective Inspector Rob King, from the East Midlands Fraud and Financial Investigation Unit, said: “Every week tens of thousands of pounds are being removed from criminals.

“Some of this money comes back into Derbyshire and is used in the continued fight against crime and those profiting from criminal activity.

“Our message to offenders is clear – crime does not pay.”