Police step-up illegal parking patrols in Holbrook

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breaking news

CONCERNS over illegal parking in Holbrook have prompted police to step-up patrols.

Officers from the Kilburn Safer Neighbourhood Policing Team will be advising drivers and issuing £60 fixed penalty notices to double parked drivers in Town Street.

Police Community Support Officer John Midgley said: “We are aware of parking difficulties in the area, but we want to remind all motorists that it is an offence to leave cars parked up in this way, as it is effectively abandoning a vehicle in the highway.

“This short junction is in fact a road and cars that are double parked can cause problems for public transport vehicles. Please park legally and considerately and encourage any of your visitors to do the same.”

To contact the Kilburn Safer Neighbourhood Policing Team call 101, the non-emergency number for Derbyshire police, or email belper.neighbourhoods@derbyshire.pnn.police.uk.