Road rage driver has to pay compensation

A FUMING Loscoe driver kicked a wing mirror off a pensioner’s car following a “stand-off” in a narrow street.

Victim Colin Boyce, 67, told police he was driving along Alfred Street, Alfreton, when an Audi car pulled out of a side street.

“It was a narrow road with vehicles parked on both sides. The two drivers were coming towards each other and both stopped,” said Fernando Rodrigues, prosecuting at Chesterfield Magistrates’ Court. weds

Audi driver Edwin Hill indicated for Mr Boyce to pull over but Mr Boyce had right of way and signalled for Hill to move into a gap between parked cars.

“The defendant got out of his vehicle and approached Mr Boyce, shouting and swearing.

He kicked out at the passenger side wing mirror, which was hanging off by its wires.

“The defendant then reversed and drove away,” said Mr Rodrigues. Police were called and Hill, 29, was arrested.

“He said if the complainant had not been elderly, it would not have been the wing mirror that he took out his frustration on.

“He said the complainant pulled out in front of him and provoked everything that happened,” added Mr Rodrigues.

Hill, an electrician, of Wilson Avenue, Loscoe, admitted damaging a Smart car on February 28. He was fined £373 and ordered to pay £304 compensation, with £85 costs.

The justices said they viewed the offence as “road rage against a vulnerable victim”.

Kevin Tomlinson, for Hill, said he had pulled alongside vehicles parked on his side of the road when a small car emerged from a driveway.

“He believed the complainant could have tried to manoeuvre slowly past his vehicle.

“He couldn’t reverse because of vehicles behind him so there was something of a stand-off.

“It seems to have degenerated into a shouting match and he lost his temper and kicked the wing mirror,” said Mr Tomlinson.