Time waste fears deter 999 calls

Concerns over wasting police time are preventing people from reporting crime in Amber Valley, according to police.

Sgt Neil Glover, of the Belper Town Safer Neighbourhood Policing Team, encouraged people report anything suspicious.

The plea comes after a number of incidents in the area recently where people have not called officers because they were worried about wasting time-wasting.

In one case a car was broken into overnight in Codnor.

A neighbour had heard a noise in the early hours of the morning, looked out and noticed a man running off.

They contacted police to report what they had seen and heard two days later, as a result of door to door enquiries.

Sergeant Neil Glover said: “One of the greatest tools we have are the eyes and ears of our local residents, and we are really grateful of the support we get from the communities we serve.

“We would just like to encourage residents to report anything they think is out of the ordinary as we would much prefer to come and check everything is in order than to have people suffer the distress that can be caused by crime.”

Sgt. Glover added: “If you see anyone you don’t know acting suspiciously on your neighbour’s property or near your neighbour’s car then call us and, if you, can give us a good description of the people you saw.

“If there is a vehicle on your street which seems suspicious, make a note of its make and model, or even better its registration number, as it is information like this that can really help officers to prevent and detect crime, and keep our communities safe.”