Warning after OAP’s purse is stolen

A WOMAN has warned members of the public to be on their guard after her 93-year-old mum had her purse stolen in Belper.

Annie Walker originally thought she had lost or dropped the purse after popping into Bird’s, King Street, on January 20, but then it turned up, minus £30 cash, in a woman’s recycling box on Brookside in the town a little over a week later.

Judith Clarke said her mum remembered someone bumping into her in the bakery and believes the purse was taken then. The purse was in a Bird’s bag when it was found.

“It is worth knowing that these things are going on,” said Judith. “It makes you more careful when you are walking round Belper.”

She added: “My mum is very careful and always zips her bag up. She was a bit shook up by it, but it will not knock her off her stride. She still goes shopping in Belper.”

A 78-year-old woman reported her purse missing after a visit to Morrisons in Belper on Friday. Police said the woman left her purse in her bag on top of her trolley, but when she got to the check-out it was gone. A spokeswoman said: “She said she didn’t leave it unattended.”