Cromford hotel plans: The facts

Plans for new Cromford hotel
Plans for new Cromford hotel

A futuristic new hotel could soon be built in Cromford which developers hope will provide residents and visitors alike with a next generation leisure experience.

The proposal is for an environmentally aware hotel, spa and conference resource alongside the A6, half a mile south of Cromford.

The facility will have 51 bedrooms, a fully equipped spa centre – with swimming pool, gymnasium, sauna and treatment rooms – a 150 seat conference suite, cafe, bar and restaurant with extensive terraces and roof gardens.

If the bid is successful, 30 full-time jobs will be made available to people in the local area as well as numerous construction jobs while the development is being built.

Architect Richard Swain said: “We are looking to raise the profile of the entire county with this development as it is part of a new generation of high amenity, low profile and environmentally aware hotels.

“While there’s a lot of brilliant hotels in the area, there’s nothing that would be on a par with this.”

The proposed build is aimed at being long and low, taking advantage of the linear site set between the A6, canal and railway.

Each of the three storeys step down and are set into the natural slope of the land which will make the hotel barely visible from the A6,

Richard said: “While the proposed site is brownfield, it is still a world heritage site and we wanted to make as little impact on the surroundings as possible.

“The idea is that the hotel opens up when you are within it.”

As well as the long and low profile, the development will also be ‘densely screened’ by existing and proposed woodland.

Richard said: “The eaves of the slate roof of the main building will be on a level with the pavement of the A6 and a short access road will curve down into the site to a stepped and landscaped parking area.”

The proposals for the facility were submitted to Derbyshire Dales District Council in September 2011.

After a few alterations to the plan, the finalised proposal was accepted by the district council in May 2012.

A decision on whether the facility is approved will be made at the next planning meeting in October.