Deer spotted roaming town’s streets is found dead in field

A DEER spotted running around the streets of Ripley early in the morning has been discovered dead in Heage.

Office manager Sarah Henshaw, 38, spotted the carcass of a deer lying in a field behind her home on Brook Street, in the village, on Wednesday, May 4.

She described it as very young with small antlers and without any visible injuries.

Mrs Henshaw buried the fawn in her garden.

She said: “I looked through my kitchen window and wondered what it was. I panicked, because I thought it could be a dead dog or something. I could not believe it when I got out there. No-one has ever seen anything like that around here. My in-laws have lived around here for 80 years and they’ve never seen anything like it.”

A week before, on Wednesday, April 28, a deer matching the description was spotted at 5.30am running along Hartshay Hill, in Ripley.

A police officer found the animal on Leedale Avenue, but was unable to catch it. It is not known who the animal belonged to.

If you have any information about the deer, or think you may know where it came from, call the News on 01773 514162.