Denby man calls for speed humps

NRHNLM110223B1 - Ian Wright with the damaged fence post and car
NRHNLM110223B1 - Ian Wright with the damaged fence post and car

AN ANGRY Denby resident has called for speed humps to be installed on a stretch of road outside his house after the second car in a year ploughed into his front garden.

Ian Wright, from High Bank in the village, was in bed when a red Vauxhall Corsa smashed through a five-bar gate at the front of his property.

The impact at 7am on Tuesday, February 15, wrote-off his car.

The smash happened almost a year after another crash in which a blue Ford Mondeo skidded on to his driveway and crashed into the same car.

No-one was hurt in the most recent incident but Mr Wright’s S-registration Volkswagen, worth £2,000, was written off.

The 57-year-old is calling for speed humps to be placed opposite Denby Cricket Club ground near his home. He believes they would deter people from going too fast and losing control through the S-bend there.

He said: “When people come round the corner by the cricket club there’s nothing slowing them down. They come down there flat out. How many more like this before they do something about it?”

“I could fill a book with the amount of incidents I’ve seen.”

The 20-year-old woman driver involved in the recent damage was not charged by police.

Mr Wright, who is currently putting in an insurance claim, felt she was lucky to be alive.

He has now asked members of the village’s parish council to consider making a request to the highways authority Derbyshire County Council to introduce speed humps on the stretch of road.

Denby Parish Council chairman Cllr Mick Clare said it had asked the county council to make the entire stretch of road through the village a 30mph zone, instead of 40mph and 60mph as it is in some spots.

He said: “Speed humps are something we would have to get views on from residents before we would consider pressing the council to install them.

“Some people think they are really good and like them, but others are not so sure as they can be noisy at night when cars go over them.”

A Derbyshire County Council spokesperson said the number and type of speed-related injuries that have occurred on a stretch of road are important factors in considering a request for speed humps.