Denby pirates set sail on special outing


Pupils at Street Lane Primary School in Denby took part in a fun pirate day last week.

Children from Class 1 donned their eye patches and were joined by parents and helpers on Wednesday May 14, where they took part in a numerical quiz, made up their own songs, and built model ships and pirate puppets.

Teacher Amy Bestwick said: “The whole day was planned by my team and took place in the village. We set the scene - Blackbeard had kidnapped one of our helpers and we had to solve the numerical clues that led all around the village to find her. We found our lost member but we were on Blackbeard’s ship on the park and he was watching them. He had left them a note saying he’d be back in 45 minutes to make them walk the plank! We came up with a plan to make ships for our groups to escape from him. We made these by junk modelling.”

The children also invented rhyming sea shanties which were performed in groups. They ate piratically themed lunches and spent the afternoon making pirate puppets.