Derbyshire dog owner speaks of moment she lost her 'baby' after pet killed following attack by three other dogs

A Derbyshire woman whose dog was killed after being mauled by three other dogs has spoken of the attack.

Tuesday, 6th November 2018, 12:15 pm
Updated Wednesday, 7th November 2018, 2:47 am
Ruby was killed after being attacked by three other dogs in a Derbyshire park. Photo - Derby Telegraph

The incident occurred on Monday October 29 at around 1.55pm in a park off Norfolk Road in Long Eaton.

Marina Church was walking her 10-year-old Springer Spaniel Ruby when the dog was attacked by three Staffordshire Bull Terriers.

Dog dies after being attacked by three other dogs in Derbyshire parkShe screamed at Ruby to run, but it was too late. Ms Church said she and a number of other people in the park, including four children, had to scale a play frame to get out of the way of the dogs.

The incident happened in a park off Norfolk Road in Long Eaton. Photo - Derby Telegraph.

The 52-year-old, who lives on Norfolk Road, said: "Ruby was the sweetest little thing and she wouldn't hurt anyone.

"She wasn't just a dog, she was a baby. Everything we did revolved around her. She was like another child."

And speaking of the attack, she said: "I walked down the road and I saw the three dogs at the window of one of the houses on the road, and they were barking as they usually did.

"When we got to the park I felt something coming up behind me and it was those barking dogs. They had got out.

“I screamed for Ruby to run but they got her and didn’t let go."

Police were called and arrived on the scene within 20 minutes.

Ms Church said: "The police actually came very quickly, but it felt like hours. At the time they assured me that the other dogs were going to be put down, but as far as I know right now they’re still alive in kennels.”

And speaking about the breed of the dogs, she added: “The owners have raised those dog to be vicious. It’s not just the breed of dog but the way that they’ve been brought up.

“My friend has got Staffies and they are beautiful and they wouldn’t hurt anyone.

“All dogs are not the same but it’s the fact that people knew these dogs were vicious and nasty and nothing was done before.

“Those dogs should be put down, and I never, ever want dogs to be put down normally.

“Why should anyone else have to go through what I did because someone did not lock their front door?

“What if I had had a baby in my arms instead?”

She also thanked everyone who helped her, and has sent her kind wishes after the incident.

Derbyshire Police confirmed that no arrests have been made.

It is understood the dogs are still living in kennels.

* A version of this story first appeared in the Derby Telegraph.