Derbyshire health bosses recruiting for national research project

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Derbyshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust is recruiting for a national research study investigating the causes of bipolar disorder as part of our collaboration with the Mental Health Research Network.

Anyone who has experienced one or more episodes of high mood (mania, hypomania or bipolar disorder) at some point in their lives is invited to take part in the study.

Those who take part will receive a visit from a trained researcher who will conduct an interview, take a blood sample and help with completion of questionnaires.

The study is being led by the Mood Disorders Research Group, a team of psychiatrists and psychologists aiming to gain a better understanding of mood disorders.

For more information on the study, please contact 0121 3012 361 or email

Alternatively, please contact Dr Martin Clarke, Clinical Studies Officer at Derbyshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust on 01332 623700 ext 3489 or email