Derbyshire MEP backs Think Twice campaign

DERBYSHIRE Conservative MEP Emma McClarkin has signed a ‘Think Twice’ pledge aimed at raising awareness of the origins of souvenirs bought abroad.

The ‘Think Twice’ campaign has been started by the IFAW (International Fund for Animal Welfare), who say that each year millions of tourists unwittingly bring home souvenirs made from endangered species.

The online pledge states: ‘I fully support IFAW’s Think Twice Campaign by pledging not to buy souvenirs made from wildlife.’

The pledge is part of the wider ‘Stopping Illegal Wildlife Trade’ campaign, which the IFAW are running to end the deadly illegal trade in wildlife. The campaign also highlights the endangered wildlife trade on the internet, as well as the continuing trade in ivory which leads to the illegal killing of elephants.

Emma said: “I’ve signed this pledge because I want to help raise awareness of this very important issue. The illegal trade in endangered wildlife is threatening the very things a lot of tourists travel abroad to see.

“I would urge everyone to sign the pledge and resolve not to buy any souvenirs of their holiday that might have been made from endangered or threatened species.”

The pledge can be signed online at